Monday, October 8, 2007

Shiny Space Robots!

Over the next few articles I will be kit bashing the Mekton mech construction rules into d20. I want to do this for a few reasons, the first of which being cool facter, and the next is after watching a lot of Gundam lately I birthed a campaign idea.
I chose the Mekton rules for mechs because of its versatility, and I want to morph it into d20 because I’m a crunch whore. The game system that Mekton is built on is not crunch heavy. Its more about the fluff. Whilst I do like my fluff nice and puffy, I love crunch just as crisp.
To fire this up right I will start off by breaking down the servos that make Mekton so versatile, and putting them in d20 terms and sizes. This requires a breakdown to basic bits, and a restructuring to something altogether not quite the same.
The next article I will tackle the armor in d20 terms. The key here is converting kills and SP to HP and hardness respectively. Oh boy, won’t that be a gas!
Stage three is to add in equipment: weapons, sensors, drag chutes, shields, thrusters, and anything I didn’t cover. Once again breaking it down and building it back up.
Last, but not least, polish this all up. Mostly editing and tying up all the lose ends into a nice streamlined construction manual. And add in some examples for good measure, after all what’s a process without results.

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