Monday, October 15, 2007

Great Expectations...

Today is Monday. Like most geeks I was pasted to the television watching Heroes. it was about halfway through that I spotted the largest plot hole I have seen in a while. It's not often that one slips through the cracks lately, so mostly I turn a blind eye. However, todays hole shattered my suspension of disbelief in the Heroes continuity.

-----Heroes Spoiler ALERT-----

You have been warned. Our humble little story starts in the way backs of season one. The writing was solid, the acting was exquisite, all of it was good. late in the season a villain was introduced, not a full fledged villain mind you more like a special henchman. Anywho, her power was to create illusions in the minds of others. She was also quite adept at manipulation. She proves herself to be a very careful person, kidnapping and controlling another character that can bend machines to his will, through wits and well placed illusions. Much to my dismay her actions in season two are starkly inconsistent, as she is put in a position of captor over Syler. Another villain with the power to take other peoples powers by means of a close study of their brains. As well the higher ups in the organization that the illusion girl works for show full knowledge of Sylars power. I know this is a long build up. It's then that Sylar is able to subdue the overly careful cunning manipulative woman that we know is an expert at containing other people with powers, with nothing more then an outright physical attack. There is no conceivable way that she could be bested with such a base attack, from someone she KNOWS KILLS OTHER PEOPLE FOR THEIR POWERS...

As an analyzer of story's I know I am naturally hard on weak plots, but come on. I know I for one will not be watching the rest of this season.

look for Mek20's next bit someday!

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