Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Servos and you...

Servos and you, with pancakes! In part two of our ongoing look at Mekton into d20, or Mek20 or whatever, I will be breaking down servos. Servos are what make Mekton so versatile; literally the limit on combinations is in the absurd range, something that does not work well when adding crunch. There are servos for (in order mind you /me points finger): the Torso, the main fuselage; the Arms, y’ know the wiggly things that help bring food to the mouth or do pushups; Arm Extensions, hands, claws, pincers, in some cases shotguns… ok I made that up, but it sounds cool… and talons; the Legs; Leg Extensions, the foots (robot ninjas from the best cartoon ever…); the Head; the Wings; Tails (but not sonic); and Pods, backpacks and the like. That’s a lot of stuff, so I will recap in list form and with out the bad jokes.
1. Torso
2. Arms
3. Arm extensions
4. Legs
5. Leg extensions
6. Head
7. Wings
8. Tails
9. Pods

That’s nine (9!) things to mix and match, add to that eleven (11!?) options per servo type. I will let you roll that around for a bit. Staggered yet? I know I am. Ok lets dive in. Each of those eleven options per servo has its own size. This is the first obstacle, as d20 only has 9 most of which are very small. In thinking about this little (I couldn’t resist) problem my first thought was to add sizes, simple. The more you think about adding sizes to d20 the scarier it becomes (what’s bigger then colossal for Pete’ sake?). The only other alternative is to use the sizes native to the d20 rules. The only sizes that seem applicable are: large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal. Large is still a maybe at this point. The best way is with multiple Mekton sizes fall into the different size categories in d20. But wait there’s more. I thought up a spiffy naming convention, in Mekton the sizes have various descriptive adjectives as names, to me that’s not standardized enough. I think the new sizes should be named after the 2d0 size they fall into as well as their relation to the smallest of that d20 size. Did I lose you yet? It works out to the name being Huge-1 for the smallest Mekton size we put in the d20 huge size.

I think its time for a table, or two, maybe three.

Large-1221 ton
Huge-1442 ton
Huge-2663 ton
Huge-3884 ton
Huge-410105 ton
Huge-512126 ton
Gargantuan-114147 ton
Gargantuan-216168 ton
Gargantuan-318189 ton
Colossal-1202010 ton
Colossal-2222211 ton

Arms and LegsCostSpacesWeight
Large-1220.5 ton
Huge-1331 ton
Huge-2441.5 ton
Huge-3552 ton
Huge-4662.5 ton
Huge-5773 ton
Gargantuan-1883.5 ton
Gargantuan-2994 ton
Gargantuan-310104.5 ton
Colossal-111115 ton
Colossal-212125.5 ton

Head, Wings, Tails, and PodsCostSpacesWeight
Large-1110.5 ton
Huge-1221 ton
Huge-2331.5 ton
Huge-3442 ton
Huge-4552.5 ton
Huge-5663 ton
Gargantuan-1773.5 ton
Gargantuan-2884 ton
Gargantuan-3994.5 ton
Colossal-110105 ton
Colossal-211115.5 ton

Otay, now we have that out of the way... The new bits you may have noticed are the spaces on the servos. Those are used later in the equipment stage, and thats where I will elaborate on them more. Until next time...

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