Sunday, October 7, 2007

First Impressions

Well to start this up right I will need to introduce myself. I am a Dungeon Master (yeah I said it). I have been for quite some time, and this is an attempt to bring good habits to my table. That’s not to say I have no good habits in my gamming, however, more cannot hurt. Right?
At any rate my current campaign is going quite swimmingly (more or less, a story for another time perhaps), we are 21 sessions deep, and the party is just about level 8. Now for the detail heavy bit, the story thus far.
It all started on a sunny spring day. I ran the party through some low level hoops, fleshed out the world nicely, and set them up quite well. The first big reveal hit somewhere between 3rd and 4th level, it was that the continent the party had come to know and love was not the only one. I also tore apart the landscape of the first continent thereby introducing the first villain. And boy is she a villain, never have I seen such animosity develop so quickly. The next big reveal is that the redhead (the villain) can kill gods. Making her both hated and feared, the party then found the Empire. It is now year 79,941. In the shaky 300 years following the betrayal of the Brotherhood the Empire is trying to rekindle the fires of civilization, as most of the continents have reverted to barbaric feudal states. The party travels to the Imperial city, there they learn that the redhead that has been dogging them the whole trip is one of Barga's (the BBEG and head of the brotherhood) 4 lieutenants and carrying out his nefarious plot. A captured princess and a few good sized plot hooks later and the party is off to find the sorcerer, some 40+ continents away. Leading us to the next big reveal, that Barga has set up an industrialized slave society. Now we have rifles.

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