Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another one bites the dust..

So five weeks later and my mek20 game has run out of steam.

The first session I thought went well. However the next week I found that two of my players quit, they also forgot to tell me. The third week another player told me he was not interested at all in the game, and quit. Three down, four to go. Last night I had a grand total of two (no you didn't miss read, that is a 2) players. I was less then enthusiastic to run, to say the least.

So I think I will take what worked for this game, the first session worked very well I just had very little fluff to spread on the giant robots, and I will pack it away and spruce it up every once in a while.

And just like that my dream of a working mech game dies again. And so does my hope that we will ever play a sci-fi game more then 6 weeks in my group. For now I will retreat into finishing the rules I started out, with the hope that someone will use them and receive more fanfare then I did.

Look for more Mek20 coming soon!


Andy said...

You say that any hope of playing a sci-fi game is out, have you tried something other than mek20 or has the group been polled on other sci-fi games they might be interested in?

Zozeer said...

I have tried in no particular order) Star Wars, plane jane d20 modern, a battlestar galactica nock off (classic by your command, and new school), mekton 2 and, mekton zeta. And thats just of the top of my head.

PS. Sorry for the late response, its a hectic holiday.